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Obituary for Wayne Patrick McDonald

Wayne Patrick McDonald was the eldest son of Norman and Justine (deceased), brother of Brian (deceased) and Terry(Debbie). Sister, Bonnie (Ted) Brownell.
He was born February 7th,1946 in New Toronto. He grew up in Lakeview and then Port Credit where he put down his roots which included his daughter Dawn (Todd) Goodenough, and his son Lucas. granddaughters Lyndsay Dunn, Kathryn and Emily Goodenough; great grandchildren Hadley Goodenough-Walsh and Joseph Dunn.
He lived with his wife of nineteen years Shawna Warner.They enjoyed live music together after meeting in 2003 at the music venue Roc ‘n’ Docs, travelled and golfed together, in between many other adventures.
Wayne was a singer from a young age. Singing was just one of his many passions that he excelled in. He was a master carpenter, artist and won many golf tournaments through the years.
He spent his final few years engaging in small wood crafting as his health could not allow for larger projects. He revisited his love of writing as well, and was always planning little projects, designs and inventions.
Wayne passed away peacefully at home at the age of 76 after a seven year struggle with lung disease. Even through all of the struggles these past years, he never lost his sense of humour. He had an endless supply of corny jokes (with the odd really good one every so often), and felt it was his sole purpose in life to make other people laugh and smile. Speaking of which, he had the kindest eyes and most infectious smile. A creative mind, entertainer, singer, story-teller and self-proclaimed comedian; his granddaughters and family will miss his laugh, his antics, and his twenty three second hugs whenever leaving an occasion.
Wayne: ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Papa I loved golfing with you and our “comedy texts”. I will miss you singing on my answering machine and I will just miss you. Thank you for being a part of my life.
. - Lynnie

You never missed a single theatre performance - you said it was the Aquarius in both of us! You were the coolest grandpa and never failed to bring a smile to my face (don't worry, I've kept note of a few of your most inappropriate jokes). I'll think of you next time I shoot for a bullseye. Hadley and I will love you always. - Kathryn

Papa, thank you for being a light in every room you entered. I loved learning about our family ancestry from you and will miss you calling me to sing me happy birthday or share a joke. You’re forever in my heart.

I will miss you, brother. But you were much more than that to me. You were a really good friend. And those are hard to come by. We had many, many great times together, you me and a lot with brother Brian whom I miss greatly. I will most definitely miss hugging you. (And the cheeky little pecks on the lips you always snuck in with a huge twinkle in your eye).
“I see leaves of green, and skies of blue…” - Brother Terry.

My Dad provided me with the best childhood a kid could ever dream of. He always made everyone smile. He was very smart and talented in many ways. He was and will always be my best friend.- Luke