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Obituary for Linda Lea Wendland (Appleton)

A letter Linda wrote last week to all of us.

Well, I guess this is being read to you so I must not be there.
Well that sucks.
I just wanted to say I love my soul mate Mike, more than anything even though some don’t
believe in soul mates.
As for my Lukie Bear, also known as Short Stuff, I want him to know I love him more than
anything, and I want him to keep his gentle manner.
Then there is Princess, our little firecracker. So full of vim and vinegar. Don’t ever stop with
your passions for right and wrong.
Lastly I would like to honor my mom who has always taken care of me, especially through
I also want to say thinks to Lakeside for all the support they provided with my family’s health
challenges and for 5 ½ years with my cancer. I don’t think I could have worked for a better
I’m truly a lucky person, I married the man I loved, had two wonderful children and I’ve had
most of my bucket list with Ladybug the three wheeler and our ride to New Brunswick.
All and all I’ve had a wonderful life.


Linda Lea Wendland – November 1, 1966 – August 9, 2022

Linda Lea Appleton was born in Toronto on Nov. 1, 1966. She was the only and cherished child
of the late Robert J Appleton and Donna E Appleton (nee Hossie). Linda Lea lived her entire life
in Mississauga, attending local schools, excelling at swimming, figure skating, the Mississauga
Majorette Corp, and loving jazz, dance, and camping (pitching a tent in every province in
Canada!). Her first job was at the Dixie Flea Market when she was 15, discovering her love of
hard work and sales ability. Linda Lea studied business, sales, and marketing at Brock
University and Humber College, a background that led her to positions with Bosch, Dow
Consumer Products (Ziplock division), before finding what became her dream job at Lakeside
Process Controls in 1998, where she was still employed at the time of her death. Linda Lea was
truly a Laker team player, welcoming her co-workers and making each one feel valued, at ease,
and special. In turn she was highly appreciated and went the extra mile for her team and her
customers. Linda Lea was known for her infectious laugh, great sense of humour, her love of
jewellery adorning her long graceful hands, as well as her birthday cakes, and pet projects (Aloe

Linda Lea met Mike Wendland at Gordon Graydon Secondary School when she was fifteen. Her
love for him was immediate and enduring, truly her soulmate. They married in Sept. 1991.
Together they raised Luke (aka Lukie Bear, Short Stuff) and Megan (aka Princess) to be caring
and loving people. Their home was filled with a succession of pets, plenty of activity, and epic
baking weekends.

Linda Lea was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Her philosophy for the next 5 ½ yrs. was “it is
what it is.” She faced her disease with strength, dignity, and determination. She was willing to
share her experience and in doing so, has touched and indeed helped, many people in similar

From the time Linda Lea was a teenager, she enjoyed family time at the cabin in Muskoka.
Adventurous in spirit, she acquired a Can-Am Ryker, a 3-wheeled motorcycle, that she
nicknamed “Ladybug”, aptly named for its brilliant red colour. Linda Lea rode Ladybug in full
motorcycle gear to work at Lakeside and even to her chemotherapy appointments. In 2021
Linda Lea, Mike, and Luke took an epic tour to New Brunswick, a big item on her bucket list.
She had an ear-to-ear grin while riding and particularly when she ate fresh lobster with Luke.

In addition to her immediate family, Linda Lea is survived by her Oma - Christel Wendland,
brother-in-law Norman (Kelly), aunts and uncles Diane (Rob), Dayle (Dave), Sandra, Jeffrey,
Charmaine, Mary-Ann (Martyn), Susanne (John), Pamela (Michael). She also leaves behind
many cousins, friends, and co-workers. Linda Lea was predeceased by her father, father-in-law
Rudi Wendland, grandparents – Len and Audrey Hossie, Jervis, Simone, and Phyllis Appleton,
and Aunt Vicky and Uncle Rick.

Linda Lea was born on a Tuesday and died on a Tuesday – Tuesday’s child is full of grace. We
will love and remember her forever.