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Obituary for Claudio Gesummaria

Claudio passed away at 84 years, peacefully in Trillium Hospital on April 1, 2022.

A father and husband who always wanted the best and most for his family. Always willing to
sacrifice his own personal needs for others. With a heart as big as the ocean and a sense of
humour with his story telling that would leave you laughing long after a story was shared,
Claudio always found a way to share and give back to people.

A very private man, yet loved by all - especially his customers at his very own Barber Shop of
45+ years - ROMA Barbershop on Queen Street. One of his biggest prides was creating a
business after coming to Canada with very little money in his pockets. His talent, work ethic and
how he treated people helped him grow a successful business and loyal following. He would
never admit it, but he was “The Barber” in the beaches – to the point that there was an article
written about him after his shop closed 6 years ago.

He loved animals! Whether it’s the dogs and cats that we have in our family, or the stray
animals he would feed in front of his barber shop, his big heart for animals was beautiful and
warming. Even during his last few years in our family home, our dogs would know where to go
to for treats! He also loved nature, any kind of fruit trees, anything from the earth. He would be
sure that at any house we lived at, there were at least a “few” fruit trees on the property! His
famous quote to us would always be “we need trees, it gives us oxygen, life”.

His last few years were difficult, but with an incredibly strong wife, Giuseppina, and support
from their children Angelo and Elvira, Angelo’s wife Aneesa, plus the support of many amazing
PSW’s who got to know him personally (and his sarcastic humour) he was able to live at home
with his family close by.

He will be kept close to our hearts with his memories, his humour and the love, care and
passion he gave his family. Cherishing all that you did for us, we will keep your memories alive
to bring us smiles everyday.

Where ever you watch us from now, be sure to plug in your barber light, plant a few trees in
the front, keep some of your lunch for those stray dogs and tell a few more funny stories… the
world needs some funny stories!

We love you!
RIP Boss

The family requests that if you want to make any donations in Memory of Claudio Gesummaria, to the Heart and Stroke foundation, copy and paste the link below. We appreciate you. Thank you!

(When in the Heart and Stroke website, under "What type of gift would you like to give?" please press the "IN Memory" tab.)