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Condolence From: Mudiha-Heart House Hospice
Condolence: Elizabeth, utterly heartbreaking.......I never got the chance to say a final goodbye. But having whittnessed the deep bond he shared with Marian I feel he is where he wants to be.....right by her side in an everlasting way. So sorry for your loss.
Friday February 06, 2015
Condolence From: Bob Boving
Condolence: Just before Christmas, my wife, Christine said to me, “have you called Barry Morgan lately?” Which prompted me to call to see how things were going. I spoke to Marian for a moment and was then handed over to Barry, who brought me up to date on the dire situation he and Marian were facing. Plans were being made for a move and we made a promise to get together once they were settled.

We are so saddened to hear of the Barry’s passing. He was such a positive, warm and supportive friend and colleague. We worked together for many years on the Mystery Project at CBC, which I look back on as one of the highlights of my career. Together, Barry and I stumbled our way into the modern age of digital recording, while participating in a classic genre.

Over the past decade, we managed to get together at least once a year for beer and burgers down on the lake in Port Credit. I will truly miss those visits, sharing my little successes and hearing Barry’s colourful stories of work, life and family, old and new.

Thank you, Elizabeth for letting us know of your loss. With love from Christine and Bob.
Thursday January 29, 2015
Condolence From: Peter Millard
Condolence: I came to know Barry relatively late in his career with the radio series, Quentin Nickles,
where I was fortunate to share the room with Sarah Orenstein and Neil Munro.
On the other side of the glass was Barry. Listening, calm (as far as we knew,) sure in his decisions about what was good and what needed to be redone, highly empathetic with the actor and a joy when you could make him smile or laugh.
I hated seeing the department besieged - as it was becoming - more and more and the weariness that seemed to grow around Barry. Not that he allowed it to affect the work, but I appreciated that he could tell that allowing us in to that side of his world was a compliment to us; feeling that he knew he could trust us with his concerns but that it would not stop us all from working together with joy and dedication to a craft that was being less and less valued. He worked tirelessly to make sure that scripts were good enough and he knew how to give confidence and support to his cast.
I felt privileged to know the strength of his work ethic and the warmth of his soul.
Barry Morgan! It is a name that carries weight; it is a name that embodies an era.
Barry, you nailed it!
Wednesday January 28, 2015
Condolence From: Eve Crawford
Condolence: My heartfelt condolences to Barry’s family and friends over their loss. Barry Morgan was my mentor, director, producer but most of all, my friend. He directed me in many radio dramas over the years. His direction was quiet, respectful and always effective. Years later, when I turned to writing, Barry took a chance on me. With the wisdom and magic of a Merlin he guided my writing partner and me though the intricasies of writing for radio which resulted in a four part series for “The Mystery Project”.
We met regularly for lunch, most often at the Greek restaurant near CBC then, later at Starbucks in Indigo. We talked about books and writing and motive. We would catch up on each other’s lives…well mostly mine because I am a talker and Barry a consummate listener. I would tell him about a recent failed romance. He would shake his head then bury it in his hands and sigh. But most often the two of us would laugh. My happiest memory is of him at lunch, laughing so hard that he had to remove his glasses to wipe his eyes.
I always left his presence feeling happier and a little bit wiser.
He was unable to attend my 50th birthday but, by then, had known me for half my life as an anxious, over achiever. He sent this message. “Just remember, good things come to those who don’t give a darn.”
He had a huge heart, an incisive mind and was so very humble. I simply adored the man.
Wednesday January 28, 2015
Condolence From: Loretta Jafelice
Condolence: When Elizabeth called to tell me of Barry's passing, I was very surprised but more so because he'd been on my mind twice in the previous two weeks. Barry hired me to play a few roles on CBC's Morningside drama. I was in my early 20's and instantly took a liking to Barry. I remember how kind and patient he was. He was very approachable and always seemed interested in what I was up to. This was comforting because I was a new actor at the time and his genuine nature calmed me.
I worked for Barry over a couple of years but in that short time I spent with him, he left me with a vivid memory of a gentle and kind soul who enjoyed being with others. Thank you Elizabeth for calling me at this difficult time.
Tuesday January 27, 2015
Condolence From: Linda Grearson
Condolence: Dear Elizabeth and Barbara,
I was so sad to hear the news of Barry’s passing so soon after your mother, Marian.
Barry and I worked together at the CBC on the long running radio series The Investigations of Quentin Nickles, along with many other shows. I always considered myself lucky to work with someone who had such a varied and impressive career at CBC.
Barry was to me a very gentle, unassuming man who had a down to earth way of looking at life, interspersed with crusty comments! I loved the crusty part of him. We laughed a lot together. After he left CBC we continued our chats meeting up at different coffee houses a couple of times a year. The conversations were always so varied; family life, our thoughts on world issues, and of course, CBC gossip – from the past and to the present. I especially loved digging into Barry’s own past. He’d tell me great tales of his times in the navy, as in docking at Dubai when it was a tent city, or how he’d searched for two years tracking down his great love, Marian. That was a true love story.
Barry touched a lot of lives and he will be greatly missed.
Monday January 26, 2015
Condolence From: J. Richard Wright
Condolence: My sincerest condolensces to family and friends on the loss of Barry, a kind and wonderful man so dedicated to his craft no matter what role he happened to be playing at any given time. I fondly remember our many breakfasts together at the Golden Griddle, and the fun times in story sessions or in the studio. I had the privilege of working with Barry through writing scripts for the Inspector Nickles' series. Barry loved the time period and seemingly couldn't wait to add value or improve authenticity through his vast and varied knowledge. Mild mannered, through our conversations, I came to admire his strength, evident through how he had weathered life's trials and losses and yet gamely pressed on. Barry, I am so sad you are gone from us and had hoped for more breakfasts with you, my friend.
Saturday January 24, 2015
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